UPEEPZ Demonstrate How to Dance in Uniqlo’s Kaihara Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

Filipino Hip Hop dance world champions Upeepz are famous for their synchronized performances featuring an impossibly huge group of dancers. Now they’re coming together for Uniqlo’s denim line manufactured at the Kaihara Denim Mill in Japan. They are amazing to watch!!

15 Perfect Pieces From AG’s Indigo Capsule Collection Part 2

by Kristen Philipkoski

AG Jeans’ inaugural Indigo Capsule Collection must have been a hit, because they’ve released a new season an it’s even better than the last. As a person who works from home, this is exactly what I want to be wearing, if at least to not still be in my PJ’s when the UPS guy comes or when the teen unexpectedly brings home a few friends after school.

The pieces can be layered with each other or with your existing wardrobe for a comfy look that says denim but feels like sweats. I’m all about comfort right now so BRING. IT. ON. Prices are approximately $150 – $300. Check out my favorites below and shop all the pieces here! Read More >

Dive Into This Beautiful Sea of Denim: Sea’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

by Kristen Philipkoski

I’m already excited for spring denim, which I realize is extremely premature and there’s plenty of winter still to deal with. But these dreamy denim (and denim-esque) pieces from Sea‘s Spring/Summer 2017 collection, which I first spotted at McMullen boutique’s Facebook page, make weathering the chilliest season is a little easier. Yes, please to each and every one of these! Read More >

No.6 Ups Its Denim Offerings for Spring 2017

by Kristen Philipkoski

I have long been a big fan of No.6′s clogs, which are perfect with any pair of jeans. In fact I didn’t realize the brand offered anything other than clogs until not very long ago when I noticed their comfy-chic dresses and jumpsuits. And then when I saw their Spring/Summer 2017 collection it was like, BOOM! Denim city. How exciting.

In particular I am very much digging the above puffy-cloud evoking side-slit pants, which a brand representative tells me are made of a light and lovely denim. Stay tuned for them and the rest of the collection (check out my denim faves below) to be available in about a month! Read More >

Wrangler Gets Retro With Iron-On Patches

by Kristen Philipkoski

Wrangler retro patches

I’ve written several posts here at ESD about patches for jeans, but I’ve never had my own until now! I was so excited to partner with Wrangler on their new retro patches. Wrangler is a heritage brand that has a special place in my heart. I have fond memories or wearing Wranglers in grade school: specifically (and I also told this story over at my personal blog where you can see more photos if you’re so inclined) a day in first grade when my neighborhood friend Brent Walker paid me a visit wearing Wrangler jeans. I was wearing Wranglers that day, too! We played on my swing set—it had monkey bars. I recall little else of the encounter other than the excitement that we were both wearing Wranglers.

Wrangler retro patches

I think my favorites in this new collection are the cactus one above and the rose one that I attached to the lapel of this Wrangler jean jacket. I placed one patch on the outside of the lapel and one on the inside as well, so a patch would be visible whether the collar was popped or down.
Wrangler retro patches

I also love the lips patch, which you can see below. Stay tuned for more patches and more photos, as well as some new pins that the brand has coming up soon!

Wrangler retro patches
Wrangler retro patches

Wrangler retro patches

Wrangler retro patches

Photos by Anna-Alexia Basile

13 Fresh Denim DIY Projects

by Kristen Philipkoski

denim pouf

It’s been a while since I explored the world of denim DIYs, so I thought it was time for a little roundup of current repurposed denim projects the crafty people across the internet have dreamed up. It’s incredible to me what people can do on their own with a pair of thrift shop jeans. I was particularly wowed by the DIY pouf pictured above! But be warned it takes some sewing chops for sure. Check out all the best ones I found below!

15 Creative Ways to Mend Your Jeans – Melly Sews

DIY Fringed Hem Denim Jeans – A Pair and A Spare

Closet Case Files Ginger Jeans Sew Along – Rhonda’s Creative Life

Recycled Jeans Composition Book Cover – We All Sew

DIY Embroidered Floral Denim Jeans – Craft Gawker

DIY Fringe Jeans Chindi Pillows – Cukoo4Design

Make Your Own Maternity Jeans – A Beautiful Mess

DIY Cool (and Colorful) Jeans – Crafts on Fire

DIY Button-Front Denim Skirt – Venezia Lowis

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans – A Pair and a Spare

Drop-Dead Denim: One Tough Pouf (amazing) – Michele Made Me

DIY Jeans to Sling Bag – Dhivya Krishnan

DIY Plush Denim Whale – Valaan Villapaita

[Photo via Michele Made Me]




Denim is California’s State Fabric

by Kristen Philipkoski

Yep, it’s true. California has a state fabric, and it’s denim. From the Los Angeles Times:

Democratic Assemblyman Marc Levine of Marin County introduced the state fabric measure, AB 501 (as in Levi 501s). With little opposition, it sailed to the governor’s desk. Though his bill does not name any company, Levine said he was inspired by Levi Strauss and its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Well alright! (Unfortunately the article perpetuates the myth that freezing your jeans will clean them, don’t believe it!) If you’d like to read the bill, check it out here.

[Photo via Brandy Melville]

Remembering a Time When You Couldn’t Wear Jeans to the Mall

by Kristen Philipkoski

When I first saw the headline in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “First Person: Jeans, Jeans, Jeans,” I thought the article would be a celebration of my favorite clothing. But, alas, it was a lamentation of denim culture. The subtitle, I soon found out, was: “I miss seeing people dress up for the occasion.”

The author remembers an occasion when her mother took her shopping at Kaufmann’s, and she decided not to change out of her play clothes. She regretted her decision.


Older women in suits with matching hats, handbags and shoes looked at me through eyes narrowed with disdain. Other little girls, wearing the clothes I also should have been wearing, pointed at me and giggled until their mothers hushed them. Sales clerks, taught to treat each customer with respect, had a hard time being polite to me — the rebel without a cause who, due to laziness, had not dressed appropriately for the occasion. My casual attire tainted the shopping excursion for me; even the chocolate cake lacked its usual sweetness.

This next part made me truly LOL, because I thought she was about to discuss disposable, cheap fashion and the havoc it wreaks on our environment and the human rights abuses it creates—I worry about this too: “I worry, too, that our indifference toward how we look manifests itself in the way we abuse the environment.”

But no, she thinks people who wear jeans are litter bugs.

I grew up with a profound admiration for the Cathedral of Learning and its Nationality Rooms. The Cathedral felt like my castle, and the Nationality Rooms were the kingdoms I traveled to on Aladdin’s magic carpet. However, when I recently revisited the Nationality Rooms, I was shocked to find a half-empty Starbucks cup on the floor — no doubt tossed away by someone in jeans.

I grew up in a very small Pennsylvania town, and the elderly woman who lived across the street became a surrogate grandmother to me. I would visit here nearly every day. As I got older, the visits became less, and when I was in college, she moved into a nursing home. I went to visit her with my mother, and I chose my nicest white blouse, complete with ruffles that were trendy at the time (and now!). I’ll never forget how distressed she was. “I just can’t imagine her in jeans!” she said over and over. This article brought back that moment and helped me understand it a little better.

But I do hope that as I get older myself, I’ll work to understand our changing culture as well. A carefully considered outfit might indeed include a pair of jeans. And I hate Starbucks.

The Denim Sculptures of Anna Sew Hoy

by Kristen Philipkoski

Anna Sew Hoy denim artOne of my favorite (non-denim) brands, Osei Duro, is featuring artist Anna Sew Hoy. She does some amazing things with denim. Case in point above! Check out the full interview at the link above, and see more of her denim sculptures and other work, plus find out where you can see her pieces in person at the artist’s website.

She was also featured in The New York Times’ T Magazine in 2010 where a denim piece is featured.

Khloe Kardashian’s Good American Denim Launches Letter Hoodies, They Sell Out Immediately

by Kristen Philipkoski

Good American
, Khloe Kardashian’s denim brand, introduced these sweatshirts on Thursday. Today is Saturday, and every letter from A to Z is already sold out. But you can select your letter and join the waitlist.

Maybe they only made one of each? I have to admit I kind of wanted one. But I would wear mine with pants.

Questions to Answer Before You Try to DIY Ripped Jeans

by Kristen Philipkoski

I was just doing a little denim Googling, as denim bloggers are wont to do, and I found this gem from Marie Claire UK on how to rip your jeans without ruining them. It seems like such a simple thing but, alas, there is a reason why ripped jeans often cost more than intact ones.

Ripping is an art and a skill, and you’re not careful when DIYing, you’re liable to straight up trash those jeans you’d hoped to make cooler. Key points to consider before you dive into a denim-ripping DIY session:

  1. Are you OK with sacrificing the jeans should the project not work out? Buy a test pair at your local thrift shop so you can answer YES to this one.
  2. Do you have the proper tools?
  3. Do you have time to devote to proper preparation? Do to it right, you’ll need to prewash and mark your jeans carefully with chalk or a pen.
  4. Are you denial oriented? Or can you be for a few minutes? Without the finishing touches, your DIY rips might look a bit to contrived.

Answered yes to all of the above? Head on over the Marie Claire and let us know how it goes!

[Photo by Matthew Henry via Unsplash]








The Evolution of Denim in Hip Hop

by Kristen Philipkoski

hip-hop-denim-style-evolution-unnamed2-1200x800 Jeans worn by hip-hop artists did not always strive to show as much of one’s underwear as possible, High Snobiety reveals. In the seventies, when hip-hop first emerged, artists in the genre wore remarkably well-fitting jeans:

In a decade where high style was characterized by stretchy polyester, shiny satin and chintzy velour, hard-wearing denim dungarees symbolized a utilitarian sense of rebellion.

Moving into the eighties, artists even wore head-to-toe denim, and gravitated towards much less showy stagewear that one might imagine in the context of a pretty opulent decade.

Check out the entire evolution of denim in hip hop at High Snobiety, and check out their tips on how to rock the looks from every era now.

[Photo via High Snobiety]

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