Wrangler Is Finally Getting Acquainted With Millennials

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Wrangler has come out with a super-cute high-waisted flared denim, and the brand hit the jackpot by selling (or, more likely, gifting) a pair to Selena Gomez who wore them at a Chicago meet and greet. Selena could probably wear any old Wranglers and millions of young women would be dying to get their hands on them. But the Marfa high-rise cropped flares look particularly amazing on the actress and singer, and they also happen to be very on trend.

I wrote last year about Wrangler’s efforts to get beyond nostalgia in the wake of skinny jeans’ apparent demise (which turned out to be false), but I wasn’t sure that the brand intended to appeal to the trendy crowd. Checking the Wrangler website, I saw no evidence of Selena’s trendy jeans.

As it turns out, Wrangler has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to officially get the cowboy brand on millennials’ radar. The Marfa high-rise cropped flare jeans retail for $110 exclusively at UO, about three-times more expensive than Wrangler’s typical price tag.

The style is quite a departure from anything I could find for sale on the brand’s website, with these being the closest match, so I wonder if they are having a bit of a brand identity crisis. But I really love those “W” pockets, and Wranglers bring back fond memories of my childhood, so I hope this is the beginning of more great styles to come!


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