Where to Get Awesome Patches For Your Jeans


Ever since 3.1 Phillip Lim’s AW13 collection strutted down the runway, I’ve not been able to get patches out of my head. Patches on denim that is. Come on, this denim patch zipper jumpsuit is H-O-T. I don’t know if kids these days are still into badges and patches, but I really loved them as a teen. All over my back pack. While the patches in this collection are small and relatively abstract, you can customize your own look based on your own personality. That’s why patches are so friggin’ cool. Whatever you’re into, or whatever you find funny, beautiful, meaningful, anything really you can probably find a patch for it!

Here are some of the patches I found looking around…

Patch Club has basically every vintage patch you can think of. Bands, cartoon characters, beer, motor oil, everything you’ll need if you’re looking to have a bit of “biker chic” going on. Watch out, someone may think you’re one of the Sons of Anarchy.




Speaking of the Sons and their bitchin’ back patches… This embroidered “Original Sin” back patch is pretty sick.


Moto not your jam? Graham Embroidery can make you a custom letter, in CAMO none the less. Great for the camo/denim trend!


 While we’re going down the military route, why not pick up some vintage military patches? Don’t wear that AA one unless you have at least picked up your 90 day chip. 😉


Want your patches to command more authority? Get some patches with stripes, man!


Cowgirls can’t get the blues when they’re wearing gun and steer patches.



For the indie crowd, go for something a bit more artsy with this incredible stag and eye patch.



Why not go all out and wear a full back patch? I like this one with rabbits (because I’m a rabbit in my Chinese horoscope!) It’s pretty mysterious… Oak Heart Collective has a wide variety of nature inspired patches, tee shirts and the like. rabbitbackpatch

If you were to do the patch trend, what patches would you wear?

[Runway image: Style.com]




  1. Marguerite
    November 6, 2013 / 2:57 pm

    Ebay has a massive assortment of patches, some which no doubt will bring back childhood memories (Girl Scout camp? there’s a patch for that!)

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