Street Style: Think Pink

In my downtown wanderings, as I comb the streets for cool denim style to share with you, there’s something I’ve noticed. There is never not someone stylish near the intersection of Grand and Crosby Street. Maybe it’s because there’s a great little deli on the corner, maybe it’s becuase Saturday’s Surf is just up the street – but it’s becoming almost funny. I head out to see who’s on the streets, I wander, I peek, and I stroll – yet all the well-dressed young things are at Crosby and Grand. Perhaps next week I’ll just stage and stake-out.

Today was no exception, and almost immediately upon leaving the office I spied this girl, in all black and pink. I was drawn to the contrast immediately, and then totally hooked when I noticed that her pink jeans, Levi’s, appeared to also be coated. With a buttoned black wool coat and seriously bad-ass boots, she looked enviably balanced between trendy and classic.

Get the look with these pink Citizen’s Jeans, these Current Elliott Current / Elliot low rise Stiletto jeans or the J Brand mid rise skinny in coral.

I talked about wearing pastels in winter last week, but what are your thoughts on pink?

[Photo by Taylor Davies]



  1. February 2, 2012 / 2:04 pm

    I love these pink jeans! I must have some.

    I am petite and most jeans don’t come with a short enough inseam for me. While I can easily hem boocut jeans, it isn’t always feasible with skinnies or cropped styles. Can you recommend some premium denim that comes in short lengths? I would love to find some cropped jeans that hit at my ankle.

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