Street Style: Bohemian Summer Elements

The 1970’s perpetually inspire our style. At first when the 70’s started to make a “come back” in the early 1990’s I thought it would be a passing trend, but twenty years later, there are constantly new ways it’s being worn. If the 70’s were your thing, they’ll probably live in you forever. Whether it’s inspired by Rachel Zoe, Isabel Marrant or Stevie Nicks, or both. I love bohemian chic, but haven’t really been able to appropriate it in a way that suits me, but the elements, macrame, fringe, floppy hats, feathered jewelry, all can be worn in fresh ways. On the streets we see that boho chic is the perfect summer style, especially when it comes to styling denim shorts. It makes practicality a bit more whimsical. Plus, it gives a good reason to break out the classic rock collection to get some inspiration. “You can go your own way.”Photos by Nando Alvarez


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  1. July 27, 2011 / 3:43 pm

    Hey! The girl in the second picture is wearing a Lolly fringe vest! That’s one of my ultimate favorite pieces from Lolly! You girls should check out their website here

    All of their pieces exude boho chic, I’m pretty sure you girls’ll love them.


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