Global Street Style: Quadruple Denim On Orchard Street, Singapore

Last week Jennine had the opportunity to travel to Singapore. She snapped some very cool street style photos while abroad, and I’m excited to share some of them with you on ESD over the coming weeks. Spotted at the Asia Fashion Festival, I thought we’d kick things off with the most creative example of denim-on-denim (on-denim-on-denim) I’ve ever seen.

Paired with a bold scarf, she’s wearing a denim bag, a chambray shirt, a denim blazer and jeans. That’s four pieces of denim, and you know what? I can dig it. It’s not a look I could pull off myself, but she looks funky, cool and totally original.

While I may not be able to deftly mix four pieces of denim at one time, I love how she has played with different washes, and I think it’s very inspiring. Her jacket is amazing, and I’d pair it with white jeans in a heartbeat!

How about you? What’s the most denim you’ve ever worn at one time?

[Image credit: Jennine Jacob]


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