Global Street Style: Cutoff Denim Vest in Singapore

Today’s street style post is inspiring to me in a way that’s different from most – it’s so incredibly far from anything I would ever wear, and yet I am totally transfixed.

First of all, this is a gorgeous photo by Jennine, and the subject is incredibly beautiful. Second though, I can’t get over how cool her leather-and-studs body jewelry is, and how it contrasts with her cutoff denim vest and bright, feminine lipstick.

While I may not emulate her exact sense of style, the easy and randomness of her mix, the way she’s contrasting toughness and girlyness – that I can get on board with. I always love layering a denim shirt or jacket over a feminine skirt or dress, and adding an unexpected hit with an edgy accessory would be a killer way to spice things up.

How do you spice up your denim looks?


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