Ripe for a Comeback: Decorated Back Pockets

When expensive designer denim first emerged, with Jordache and Calvin Klein in the 80’s and later with Seven, Joe’s, Citizen’s of Humanity and their ilk, brands seemed to want to convince you that their jeans were worth $100+ (seems quaint now, doesn’t it?) by sewing interesting patterns on the back pockets. Seven Jeans may have been the most recognizable, with it’s squiggly line (and sometimes a stylized take on the number “7”). Brands like Miss Me and True Religion went over-the-top with extra-thick stitching and bling. Citizens of Humanity’s branding was also super recognizable with it’s cursive, lowercase “h.”

Inevitably there was a backlash, and decorative stitching on back pockets eventually seemed passe and even a bit tacky. The blank back pocket was the only way to go; obvious denim branding was out.

But since fashion is a constant yin and yang, the old-school back pockets seem to be coming back into favor. I’m basing this prediction on a very small sample size (of one), so quote me at your own risk, but I’m calling it: we’ll be seeing more fancy back pockets towards the end of this year and in 2018.

Case in point, these Moussy jeans from the brand’s May 2017 lookbook have a very Jordache vibe that feels fresh and I’m kind of loving. What can I say, as much as I try not to fall victim to trends, I am weak in their presence!


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