Polka Dot Jeans: Catch Them While You Can



Polka-dot jeans are one of those trends I just didn’t try. Christina did a wonderful tutorial on how to make your own polka-dot shorts, but me? I can’t wear polka-dots. It’s just a mental thing… polka-dots just seemed too cutesy.  That is until I saw in the Paris street style photos, the Isabel Marant polka-dot jeans popping up seemingly everywhere. With sneakers and an army jacket, or booties and a tweed coat, heck even a biker jacket… these are anything but twee. There aren’t a lot of polka-dot jeans left in the stores, but you can find a pair for $49 (BlankNYC Denim Dotted Jeans) if you’re a size 31. And if you’re wanting something a little different there’s the EACH x OTHER Naco Printed Jean that’s also on sale. If you’re looking for some ways to style them, check out the below photos, I have to say, I wish I saw these earlier!

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Images from: Bazaar.comWWD.com and Style.com


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  1. March 12, 2014 / 4:03 pm

    very cute… but requires a certain mind set no?…..I am not sure I can bend that way… but I can definitely appreciate them on someone else… I thought they were Stella McCartney…. Isabel eh?…. still cute.x


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