NYFW Spring 2015 Street Style Verdict: Skinny Jeans Are Officially Dead


If there is one thing to say about how the trendiest are wearing their denim this season at NYFW, is that there are no rules. Denim was pretty much all over the map, but one theme is apparent.


Apparently, everyone got the memo that the skinny jean trend has run its course. There were ripped jeans, clean jeans, embellished, colored, high waisted, low rise, but all of them had a lot of room to move around in. Of course you’re going to see a lot of jean shorts at NYFW in September because it’s still hotter than Hades, and well, those ladies are appropriately dressed! But what I found interesting was the prevalence of frayed hems and ripped knees.  So those ripped jeans you have? Hang on to them. Also, check out Jenna Lyon in all white with white jeans. Kind of reminds you of the Frame Spring 2015 collection, no? Methinks, yes!


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Images via: Elle.com, The Cut, Vogue.com



  1. Win
    January 15, 2015 / 12:23 pm

    Mom jeans are just awful. This is a fashion trend starting top down from corporate fashion heads who want to push out older trends to spur sales with new merchandise and all the accompanying items that make the new trend work. The silhouette of skinny jeans is top heavy, bottom trim. The structure of mom jeans is bottom heavy, top trim. This compels women to add not only the pants but the proper tops and shoes. I imagine fashion execs felt very clever. I spent the better part of last night perusing fashion editor blogs and industry pr releases still desperately trying to convince women to jump on this trend. The script goes… “I’m really just tired of my uncomfortable skinny jeans and went thrifting to pick up some loose vintage jeans and found these great high waisted jeans like I used to wear in 1982. So I took them to the seamstress and has them tapered and hemmed and where them with little cropped tops… but now I’m so glad to find them for sale at _____ and _____. They’re awesome and look great on me”…Bla bla bla. I read a half dozen blogger and editor reviews that followed this exact script last night. It’s as if the fashion industry is trying to pretend that this trend has an organic origin springing out of women’s volition and demand for these. I can’t believe this will fly. Certainly the comfort argument isn’t valid because the stretchy denim now used in jeans and jeggings is remarkably comfortable. Second, a silhouette that adds visual and actual mass to the hips doesn’t make women look more in shape than stretchy skinny jeans which most women wear with a longish top. Third, the desire to have a looser fit jean is already met by mid rise straight leg and boot cut pants which flatter most women very well. There’s just no need for this category of weird pant to be added back into the fashion rotation. And what about the fortune women have spent on good looking boots! The classic look of of trim pants with tall boots looks so great on so many women! How would mom jeans even be compatible with the a woman’s prized boot collection? I’m certainly not donning anything that reads more oompha loompha that polished equestrian. This forced fashion option isn’t a trend, and I don’t think it will become one no matter how sophisticated and coordinated the marketing pr roll-out. Women aren’t going to embrace a style that chronologically ages them whilst promising comfort. The pants I own are already comfy with their wonderful stretch denim in skinny, straight and boot cut and who would embrace a style that makes their silhouette look years older (and beleaguered by the expanded hips of child bearing) than it is? I will never buy these pants. Get busy designers and fashion execs and provide us with some inspired options that enhance and expand our personal wardrobes. Please, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

  2. Beth
    February 8, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    Right on to this most recent comment.

  3. debi
    March 7, 2015 / 3:32 pm

    Agree, Win is so right on!!! These styles are hideously unflattering and today’s high-quality stretch jeans make the “comfort” rationale completely irrational!

  4. Martina
    March 28, 2015 / 4:26 pm

    “Mom” jeans are just NORMAL JEANS, and are very flattering, and comfortable. Mom jeans is not something that fashion elite cooked up. In my school girls have been looking for vintage high rise Levi’s and basically any high rise jeans they could get their hands on for a long time before FINALLY the clothing makers realized no one wanted jeans that hung on to the hips for dear life. The waist of the human and the waist of the garment should be in then same place. High rise jeans is how people have been wearing jeans in the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s. 1970’s( except for a blink where people wore hip huggers, which would be high rise by todays standard anyhow) 1980’s, then in the 1990’s some Rave Kid decided we should wear pants down our backside, and we did, and now we are done. Wear what you like, but I am never going back to pulling up my jeans because they only go halfway up my but. “mom” The worst thing about silly low rises is that they make legs look so very short. A nice, fitted, but not tight pair of comfortably fitting jeans jus just what we need. Not lycra infused tights pretending to be pants that hang on to the bottom half of our hip line. Thats just stupid.

  5. Mary
    March 28, 2015 / 4:30 pm

    If you think that people aren’t wearing them, you must not be going out very much. People have been wearing them before the merchandizers ever thought of offering them. Everyone I know was thrifiting, or asking their moms for their jeans long before it was available in stores. Everyone is tired of low rise jeans, because they make a body look completely out of promotion.

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