Look We Love: Camo and Denim


Camo fashion cracks me up. Just.a.little. But just like leopard, no matter how strange it seems at first, and how ridiculous its capabilities are, it’s still ALWAYS really cool if done right. And seems to have serious staying power! As we mentioned, it must be paired right. Who knows, the right street style star could wear a full on camo hazmat suit and make me want one, but usually camo goes down best in small doses. An oversized, military style camo jacket over a more fitted black dress here, Camo pants paired with an even bolder print on top there, or our newest fav, camo and denim. Again, tread lightly and you could go too much, too fast. But some easy looks are: A comfy camo tee paired with boyfriends jeans and pumps, or a denim jacket or vest paired with a camo tee, or even camo skinny jeans, or even a dash of denim in the form of a clutch. Actually we really love that last combo. All these can be both casual and fashionable. Another easy one, camo jeans and a chambray button up. Here are a few camo + denim combos to try …










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