Is The Skinny Jean Trend Really Over?


I can remember back in 2006-07, I tried on my first pair of “skinny jeans.” I was nervous. Were they unflattering? What would I wear them with. But once I bought a pair, it was all over, skinny jeans would be the main staple of my wardrobe for the next eight years. It was like getting an iPhone after having a Razr flip phone. Like, was there life before? I dunno, can’t remember.

Then, I started to notice something, after ignoring the boyfriend jean trend for ages, I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans. Even back in March, I predicted that the pair of jeans you should invest in, was the high waisted “mom” style. I’ve always worn my skinny jeans a bit slouchy, so that wasn’t a big leap. Then, getting used to the comfort of a more relaxed fit, I started experimenting with sweatpants. The last few weeks, sweatpants have been pretty much all I’ve been wearing. Fancy sweatpants. I even wrote a post about it on my other blog.

It seems that I’m not alone. Sales of skinny jeans are down. Sweatpants are up. It seems that every retailer has their version of the dressy sweatpant.  “Women basically said, ‘I’m not wearing tight jeans — I’m done with them,’” Marshal Cohen, chief analyst at trend research group, NPD Group, INC  said to Bloomberg.

While I never felt that “tight jeans” were uncomfortable, unless they didn’t have any stretch and they didn’t fit properly, there is something to be said about getting into a more relaxed jean. The comfort, ease, and style contributes to an effortless look.

That said, I still believe that a great pair of skinny jeans coupled with blazer, tee-shirt and flats looks great any time of day, any time of year. So don’t throw out your skinny jeans yet… but also, don’t dismiss boyfriend jeans and sweatpants either, because there is something to be said about being comfortable.

[Image credit: Damsel in Dior]


  1. August 28, 2014 / 12:37 pm

    I just bought 2 pair of skinny jeans and 2 pr. of bootcut (light and dark rinse) I like the variety of having different types for the mood I’m in.Today it’s skinnies and a tunic with flats.Yesterday was bootcut and white top..I jjust like jeans…

  2. October 7, 2014 / 5:15 am

    I don’t really like such trendy jeans, as it was very popular in start, but it didn’t got that much popularity as others got.

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