How to: Platforms and Denim


In the ever evolving realm of fashionable footwear, it’s a common theme of late that one ugly shoe trend replaces another every season. And I’ve been chronicling these trends here, particularly how they relate to denim. Wedge sneakers, Birkenstocks, slip on shower shoes, and now platform sneakers. I’m addressing a fairly broad platform category that includes sneakers, creepers and even brogues. Take a sneaker, glue a five inch platform to the bottom and you’re good to go. Well not that easy because 1. getting the guts to wear these guys is a feat and 2. It takes work to pair them. We’re all off to a good start because skinny jeans are dead, and those never really looked that great with platform anyways, so. Here are TWO easy ways to wear your platform sneakers, brogues and creepers with denim.

1. Cuff them

This one is my favorite mainly because it’s really easy. Just rock one simple three in cuff with straight leg jeans.



2. Pair with Capri or Cropped Denim

I guess even easier than cuffing when you think about it. I love the look of cropped or capri jeans with platforms.




(Images via here, here and here)



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    @Q My thoughts exactly!

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