Get It Already! The Oversized Denim Jacket



In case you were chomping at the bit for fall, but still want to enjoy summer, the oversized denim jacket is the transitional staple for your wardrobe. I’ve always loved my denim jackets, so indulging on the oversized will last not just this year, but for a long time. I’ve had my eye on the Joe’s Jeans Oversized Dolman Denim Jacket for a year, and I still love it as much as I did last year, and this year Rag and Bone/Jean, R13 and Current/Elliott all have their versions. ┬áThe benefit of the oversized is that in warmer weather you can drape it over your shoulders, layer with shorts or a mini dress… and when the weather cools down, you can layer it to no end. Denim is actually a great wind blocker so if you have a chunky sweater that won’t fit under your puffy coat, or a blazer that doesn’t fit into your jacket, this is an amazingly chic and simple way to fix that problem.

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