Denim Trend: Transition With Your Denim Jacket (As A Cape)

I really hope I don’t become one of those bloggers who talks about how glorious fall weather is every, single, day. So I’ll do it today – and then never again. Maybe. Deal?

We really do have to take advantage of this time of year – when layering is easy and socks are still optional. Over the weekend I noticed that the difference in temperatures in the sun and in the shade was so drastic that I never felt properly dressed. Enter: the denim jacket as a cape.

Just throw it over your shoulders to fend off the chill or over your arm when the rays start beating down. These three ladies show how versatile this move can be, you can work it over just about anything. This trend isn’t exactly new (we mentioned it last summer, too), but there are many ways to revive the look.

Currently I’m loving this little Current / Elliot jacket with Sherpa lining and this vintage wash Madewell jacket.


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