Denim Trend: Extra-Fancy Jeans for the Holidays

Somehow, in the span of about 30 seconds since it was Labor Day weekend, it’s almost Thanksgiving. I don’t know how it happened, but we’re just days away from turkey and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy, heaps of pumpkin pie, and the Macy’s parade. Since I moved to New York I’ve been having my Thanksgiving with friends here in the city, which lends itself to a more casual approach to the holiday. We gather in someone’s tiny apartment, try not to set off the smoke alarm and toast to our health and happiness.

Even when I was amongst family at a 15-person dining table, Thanksgiving was a more sartorially casual holiday. With all that eating, it certainly doesn’t make sense to bind yourself into a constricting look, does it? Whatever dress code applies these days, I still like to honor the occasion and get a little fancy.

This season, I’m feeling fancy pants. There are so many cool pairs of jeans that can pass as seriously dressy or just the right touch of flair, with the appropriate pairings. (Think soft sweaters and silk tops.) Jeans with brocade and damask prints and coatings – not to mention stretch – are the perfect side to go with your green bean casserole – providing one doesn’t end up on the other.

Here are 4 fab pairs of fancy jeans to amp up your Thanksgiving ensemble:

Do you wear denim on the holidays? How do you make it feel special?

[Image credits: The Zoe Report; Shopbop]

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