Denim Trend: Are We Ready For Printed Corduroy?

I have a strange relationship with corduroy. Every time they come into season, it seems like every denim brand tries to push corduroy pants as a very wearable alternative to denim. Contrarily, each time I’ve tried to wear them (I used to own a great pair of AG Adriano Goldshmied navy skinny cords), I feel like something is a little… off. (I also wore a bright red pair last year, but I wasn’t too keen on them.)

This season is no different, there are cords a-plenty. However, there’s a fun twist for the Fall 2012 take: prints. From baroque swirls to ditzy florals and that ever-present ikat, there’s a printed skinny corduroy pant to suit any style. Will this be the twist that turns me to the ridged side of things? I may have to give them a try just to find out. Stay tuned.

My favorite printed corduroys:

What do you think about printed corduroy pants? Are they as wearable as printed denim?

[Image credits: Shopbop]


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