Are Denim Culottes Really Over Already?

Last summer I was so excited to get my Melanie denim culotte-style jeans from Citizens of Humanity. The silhouette was unexpected, a throwback to the ’70s, and just on the correct side of extreme.

I consistently take a 28 in CoH, but these were more snug than usual—and then I went and gained a bunch of weight and I could barely squeeze them on anymore. That made me sad.


BUT THEN I did this crazy diet and I lost 12 pounds! The jeans fit again! I was so excited. But THEN I came across this article at Who What Wear that said the culotte trend was FINI. Over. So last year.

Really, though? They based their conclusion on sales numbers that showed culottes were only a tiny slice of denim sales in Q1 2016. Solid evidence, it would seem. However, I’m not sure the numbers add up to the trend being dead.

First, people in most parts of the country don’t pick up on trends until much later than the fashion obsessed (us). Also, a trend would not have to make up the majority or even a particularly large portion of sales in the denim category to be considered a trend. It’s a trend because it’s a slightly quirky thing a noticeable segment—not necessarily the majority—of the denim-wearing population is wearing.

Lastly, trend or not, my Melanies fit and I’m wearing them. The end.


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