A Tradition in Indigo: Shibori


Shibori is not just tie-dye. It’s a Japanese fabric dyeing technique dating back to the 8th Century that traditionally used indigo to create patterns on cotton, hemp or silk. Kind of like tie-dye on steroids, Shibori uses a variety of binding techniques including, pleating, scrunching, twisting and even wrapping the fabric around a POLE to create the patterns. The result is stunning, simple, yet complex. Also, the perfect companion to denim (another tradition in Indigo). Recently, MiH held a Shibori workshop that looked stunning (pictured above), and since we all can’t make it, Honestly WTF has a handy tutorial on creating your own at home. Of course, you could always just buy pre-made Shibori, Tory Burch used the technique in her Spring 2013 collection; Wes Gordon has a wonderful set available now.




shibori_indigo1_toryburch shibori_indigo5 shibori_indigo4

shibori_indigo2  shibori_indigo1


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