6 Pink Jeans for a Romantic-Casual Valentine’s Day

That holiday that causes us to have so many feelings is right around the corner. Whether you happen to be in love this Valentine’s Day and are stoked for some romance, or you’re doing the “Galentine’s” thing, or you’re dreading the holiday because it obviously sucks, pink jeans aren’t a bad thing, right? Especially velvet pink jeans, of which there are two specimens below.

Personally, after 15 years of marriage I have to say I’m kind of indifferent to the holiday. I love my husband! But I’ve given up on the expectations that come with this particular holiday.

I am, however, loving all these subtle pink shades a lot! What do you think?Cotton Citizen High Rise Split Skinny Jeans, $295

AG The Legging Ankle Sateen Jeans, $178

Mother High-Waisted Rascal Ankle Jeans, $258

Rag & Bone/JEAN Justine Ankle Trousers, $250

AG The Velvet Legging Jeans, $118 (on sale!)


3×1 Higher Ground Velvet Jeans, $245


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