Luka Sabbat and Lottie Moss for PacSun’s Latest Denim Campaign


Despite filing for bankruptcy in April, looks like PacSun has plunked down some serious dollars to sign teens-of-the-moment Luka Sabbat and Lottie Moss as the faces of their denim campaign. No one in these photos could care any less about bankruptcy, or anything else for that matter—and it’s a safe bet that will resonate nicely with the teenage customers the company is targeting.

Lottie Moss recently graced the cover of Vogue Paris, and Sabbat is an Instagram phenom who has been called “The Internet’s coolest teenager” and modeled in the first Yeezy presentation.

And so how’s the denim? Remember the ads are for PacSun denim? That short-sleeved jacket is calling my name, actually.




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