Three Ways to Stretch Your Jeans


It’s not often that your body will fit perfectly into a pair of jeans the first time you wear them. Jeans that fit in the legs and hips often gap at the waist, or if they fit your waist they’re extra snug. Or that thing when the jeans look amazing in the dressing room, but when it comes to sitting down out in the world, it gets painful.

Luckily, stretching your jeans up to an inch is totally doable. Here’s how:

1. Lunge.

Lunging in your jeans helps break down the fibers and makes them fit more loosely. This technique is especially good for those who need some stretch in the thighs and butt.

2. Spray.

You might want to ask a friend for help with this one. Step one: put on your jeans. Step two: spray them with warm water—preferably in that order, because it’s easier to get the jeans on when they’re dry.

3. Take a bath…

… with your jeans on. Yes this sounds ridiculous but are you committed to comfortable jeans or not? Make the water warm, and stay in for at least 15 minutes. Then get out, towel dry, do a few lunges, then take them off and hang to dry.

How do you stretch your jeans?


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