This Denim Dress That You Can Wear as a Jacket Is Marked Way Down

I purchased this Ganni denim button-front dress for a recent trip to the U.K., and it was every bit as versatile as I’d imagined. It was downright chilly in Scotland and London, so I appreciated the long sleeves and the substantial cotton denim fabric.

But what I hadn’t factored in when I purchased the dress was that it can also serve as a jacket. Not only was it marked down, but it’s two garments in one! Had I realized that, I would not have hesitated clicking the buy button for a moment.

The good news is, even though I purchased mine a month ago, it’s still available in multiple colors and on sale! I’m tempted to get the yellow ($168, was $280), and obsessed with the tie-dye ($285, was $475).


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