The Easiest Tip to Preserve Raw Denim

Have you read our denim in the freezer post? If you haven’t, it basically addresses the fact that we go to serious lengths to preserve our precious denim. As much so, as to put them in the ice box. Because premium denim, (especially raw denim) doesn’t fare well in the wash. It fades, shrinks and completely loses its shape and luster. But it wasn’t until I got schooled by a good friend/fellow denim aficionado for folding my jeans that I learned I was committing a serious denim no no.

The easiest tip to preserve raw denim: Hang Them.

Because you don’t wash your raw denim as regularly as the average pair, they are dirtier and a breeding ground for odor and bacteria. Folding them encourages this bacteria and odor to fester. Instead of folding, hand your raw denim in an airy location. They will lose their oder and stay fresher longer. If you do not have clip hangers, wrap hooks through belt loops and hang.  


Image credit: Mango Fall 13 Lookbook



  1. August 3, 2013 / 11:43 am

    I hang up all my denim! But I wash my jeans too – cold water, delicate cycle, then drip dry inside out. So far they’ve stayed nice, dark and happy.

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