Never Hem Your Jeans Again

Cuffing jeans is the new hemming—Vogue called it way back in 2015. One might also argue that cutting-off is the new hemming (that’s what I’ve been doing to all my flares). One thing is clear: how your jeans come to an end before they reach the foot looks decidedly different than it did a few years ago.

Cut off and rolled

Unrolled, they’re still good for heels.


Photo via Harper’s Bazaar

Asymmetrical cut off

Bid-ness in the front, party in the back!


Photo via Harper’s Bazaar

Wide-leg messy cuff

You might need some help from a safety pin to get wide legs to stay.


Photo via Harper’s Bazaar

High waters

Off-the-rack regular length if you’re tall, cropped length if you’re on the shorter side—no need to hem.

New York Fashion Week street style

Photo via WWD

The Little Cuff

Just little.

New York Fashion Week street style

Photo via WWD

No Cuff With Platforms

They may be too long without sky high shoes, but perfect with some height.


Photo via Vogue

Released hem

We’ve seen the style on plenty of wide-leg jeans, and it works on skinnies or straight-legs just as well.


Photo via The Zoe Report

To-the-Knee Cuff

When you’re jeans are THAT long.


Gif via Vogue


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