How to Wear Denim Joggers

Comfortable fashion trends are having a moment: Birkenstocks, slip on sneakers, boyfriend jeans and one of our newest favorites: Denim Joggers. Basically denim sweat pants, or denim pajamas as my husband referred the other day when I showed him my new pair. So naturally one would wonder how to style a pair of denim joggers and dress them up a bit for everyday outings, work, or not just confined to your days off running errands. Here are some tips!

denim joggers


Denim joggers are actually fun to style because there are many options for shoes. Because most styles are cropped or cinched at the ankle, you can wear booties, kitten heels, pointed flats, statement pumps — almost anything! It’s a good opportunity to show off your footwear so the cuter the shoes the better.


You can go with a classic, slouchy striped tee tucked in, half tucked, or a simple white t shirt paired with a fitted zip jacket ( my favorite).


Just like footwear, denim joggers warrant any time of handbag or jewelry. A sleek tote bag, statement clutch, or smaller shoulder bag all pair well.


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