How to Wear Denim in The Heat

High temperatures are record breaking on the west coast, and with many of us w/out air conditioning *sign, these past few days have been rough. What do you wear when you’re melting? Or if you do have AC and want to go outside? The first thought is probably not a pair of denim jeans, but you know just as much as I do that we’re going to wear denim anyways. Surprisingly, denim is actually more functional and useful in 100 digits than you think. Beat the heat with our warm-weather denim tips.

How to Wear Denim in the Heat

// Style //

Denim Cut-offs: This one is the most obvious. When it’s hot you want to wear as little clothing as possible w/out being inappropriate and denim cut offs are a perfect solution. They’re short and pair well with lightweight t shirts and summer tops.

Denim Skirts: Even better than denim shorts (unless they are cut-offs mentioned above) is a light-weight denim skirt. Airy and easier to dress up than a pair of shorts.

// Fit  //

Loose Fitting Denim : The heat warrants looser fits in general. Again, the key issue is breath ability. The looser the fit, the more breathing room you have. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect solution for hot days.

// Material //

Chambray: Chambray is great because of its weight. It’s light weight and therefore perfect for layers, or hot weather. Chambray dresses are great for the heat, as are chambray tanks, or even shorts and pants if you want more coverage.

Lightweight Denim: Along the lines of Chambray, if you want to wear denim, make sure you pick a light weight material. One that breaths well because wearing a pair of thick, heavy, non breathable jeans is torture in the heat.

Light Colors: Don’t wear black jeans in the heat. Unless that’s your thing. White is your best option, or a lighter shade.

Distressed Denim: Denim with holes create a draft, so not only are they on trend, but they add relief from the heat as well.

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  1. July 8, 2013 / 1:09 pm

    I love this post! I’m always looking for ways to wear tried & true denim in 90+ degrees — definitely got some good tips here!

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