How To Stay Warm in Your Ripped Jeans all Winter Long

Kate Spade shiny dot sheer tights, $25

Distressed and destroyed jeans have been all the rage in recent years, and holes in jeans have become more socially acceptable than ever. I wore ripped jeans to read a book to my daughter’s kindergarten class recently and didn’t feel even a little bit weird about it, if that’s any indication.

But what do you do when winter strikes and those holes in your jeans become unwanted ventilation? When temperatures reach below the 30s—as they certainly will if you live in the Midwest or on the East Coast of the U.S.—it might mean packing up your distressed jeans until spring.

Unless! Unless you find yourself some cute, warm tights to wear underneath. They don’t even have to be super heavy to provide warmth—you’d be surprised how much insulation even sheer tights can provide. That obviously means that to be comfortable your jeans need to be a bit roomy, so reserve this technique for your boyfriend, mom and otherwise somewhat oversized jeans.

Bonus points if your tights reveal a little sparkle, polka dots, a leopard print or a bright color through those rips in your denim. Here are a few really cute options for your perusal!

Kate Spate New York leopard sheer tights, $25

Emilio Cavallini matte solid tights, $21

Spanx metallic shimmer shaping tights, $31


Wolford Bobbi tights, $61


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