How to Remove Chewing Gum from Denim

People who discard their chewing gum in inappropriateĀ manners (on the floor or anywhere else other than the trash can or tucked into a piece of paper in their handbag) fall into the same category as paper litterers in my book. I’ve been in the unfriendly situation of not being near a trash can whilst chewing on a piece of stale, flavorless gum many times but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to ruin someone else’s day by tossing it where you see fit. Worst case scenario, you sit on said, tossed gum in your favorite pair of jeans. Sick. Denim just absorbs that nasty gum. But its not as bad as it sounds. Here’s a great tip for removing chewing gum from denim and it’s super easy … almost as easy as tossing your gum on the floor. But in a good way.

How to get that gum off your jeans!

  1. Pick off the excess gum (not with your bar hands please) using an available object, preferable one w/ a sharp edge. Use caution.
  2. Wrap an ice cube in a thin towel.
  3. Rub the gum-infested area with towel for a while and the frozen gum should fall off.
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