How to Look Good in Denim Jumpsuit

Now that it’s nearly April, It’s time I start tackling my New Years Denim Resolution #5: Buy (and wear) a denim jumpsuit. No easy task at first glance, but at the same time totally approachable if you evaluate enough perfectly-paired denim jumpsuit ensembles, and determine the best way to wear said jumpsuit. Hello, Pinterest. Throughout this process I’ve come up with a set of rules and a pretty easy adaptable short list on how to look good in a denim jumpsuit.





(images via here, here and here)

Be a super model. (KIDDING!)

Everyone can look good in a jumpsuit. See Below.


Wear the Right Accessories

Denim & leopard are BFFs so try a leopard clutch, or a leopard belt is fun too. I actually like any type of thin belt (depending on the jumpsuit). A small bag with chain strap is nice too, and has been spotted (hehe) around lately.


Show your Feet

Whether it’s with a  strappy heel or a cute flat sandal, showing a little feet takes away from the heaviness of a denim jumpsuit.


Ditch the  Layers

I will be wearing my jumpsuit in the sunny L.A. weather because 1. I live here but also 2. Jumpsuits look best w/out extra layers. Proof, there are exceptions (see below), but personally I prefer less extra fuss when you don’t need it.


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  1. RosieW
    March 25, 2014 / 12:11 pm

    Last year I found a sleeveless Levi’s “Type 1” jumpsuit, and I was wearing it a lot, somewhat before they got popular again. On cold or cooler days, I actually wear a turtleneck underneath it. Finding any jumpsuit that fits my petite height is challenging, but I found mine on!!

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