How to buy HIM Denim as a Gift


Giving denim as a gift is hard. Buying denim for yourself can sometimes be difficult. So naturally buying for someone else is equally if not more of a challenge. Up the ante even more — try buying denim for your boyfriend, husband, father, brother! But it’s not impossible and if you pick the right pair, he’ll not only be thankful but will think of you every time he sits back and realizes how much he loves his new jeans! Here are some tips to help you when shopping.

5 Tips: How to Gift Him Denim

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1. Know his Size: This is an obvious one, but also most important. Since you’re buying as a gift, go through their existing pairs and take not of their average size. Or ask a loved one what size they wear.


2. Know his Brand: Same as tips one, take note of some of their favorite brands. If all he wears are Levi’s, you may want to introduce him to a new brand that fits similar.


3. Know his collection: Does he have five pairs of black jeans and that’s it? All blue jeans and nothing a bit dressier? Find out what he has a lot of and introduce something he doesn’t own, but you think he will actually wear.


4. Shop at his favorite store: Still nervous about buying him jeans? Go shopping at his favorite spot. There’s a better chance he’ll like your present, and if he doesn’t, he’ll exchange them for something he does!


5. Know the return policy: Along the same lines as step four, make sure the store you visit allows returns. If buying on sale, instead of buying a pair marked down, use a coupon code. Most stores allow you to return when using a code.


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