Fit to Be Flare: How to Look Good in Flare Denim

Flare Denim isn’t the easiest type of denim to style but when done right can be one the most flattering. And you don’t have to be Karli Kloss to rock them well. Actually the opposite, we believe flare jeans look best on a more realistic shape. Stay away from flip flops, embellishment and follow these tips to optimize your flare denim. Because everyone should own at least one pair of flare jeans, regardless of how many times the style comes & goes. It always comes back, which we saw a peek of for Fall 2013/14.

How to Look Good in Flare Denim

  • Alter your jeans using the height of heel you plan on pairing with. Cut hem off right above floor, avoid dragging.
  • Speaking of footwear, Wedges and Platforms balance out the bottom intensity of Flare Jeans. Do not wear flip flops.
  • Be mindful of the rise. Either mid rise or high rise is always most flattering. Low rise work on a select few but not the masses.
  • Make sure to choose a fitted style. Baggy flares are never a good idea.
  • Flare denim make a statement on their own, embellishment is unnecessarily and can make you look like a bad 70s flashback.
  • Depending on the rise, pick the right top. And when in doubt, tuck it in. We prefer soft, flowing tops.

A few of our favorite Flare Denim Styles: MiH Marrakesh Jeans, James Jeans Wonder Flare Jeans, Joie Mid Rise Flare Jeans



  1. blvd
    July 29, 2013 / 10:38 pm

    Do you mean cut them off right above the floor, and then get them hemmed by a professional?

  2. July 30, 2013 / 12:13 am

    There was a time, not long ago really, when if you wore jeans they were flared. I had a few, and held out until the very last moment to attempt skinny jeans. Skinnies are cute. It’s easier to choose shoes for them that’s for sure. But they really aren’t flattering most of the time. Flares on the other hand are very flattering to most women’s figures, including mine. But they just look SO frumpy to me right now. I try them on and think OH I LOOK LIKE SUCH A MOM. (Not that being a mom is bad, I love it, but I don’t want to look like I’m in mom jeans.) So I’m very torn over flares. Maybe I’ll try a pair again this fall.

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