Denim Tips: Exercise Your Right (To Alter Your Jeans)

In The United States, today is voting day! Americans love having choices, in everything. Just like we choose our politicians and pledge allegiance to a candidate or a party, we take sides and demand freedom of choice with our denim, too. We swear loyalty to certain brands and have specific needs we want met.

Denim dissatisfaction can be a big problem, and the folks at Denim Therapy are all about fighting for your right to have the perfect pair, especially if it means altering or repairing the favorite jeans you refuse to give up on. What can they do for your denim? Here’s a peek:

In addition to repairing holes and hemming, Denim Therapy can turn your favorite pair of jeans into maternity jeans (and back again), adjust the sizing for a better fit, add monogramming or turn a tired pair into the perfect cut-off shorts. Repairs start at $7 an inch for holes and up to $80 for a complete re-sizing. While their workshop is in New York City, you can send in your jeans from just about anywhere and have them returned to you better than ever.

[Image & video credits: Refinery29‘s Instagram; See Jane‘s Instagram; Denim Therapy]


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