Denim Tips: Best Shoes to Pair with your Denim

Unless you’re roaming around in your birthday footwear, á la Britney Spears sans shoes, chances are you’ll always need a pair of shoes to wear with your jeans. I wear a lot of skinny jeans. Mainly because of the comfy fit, but also because the versatility. They’re easy to pair with tops, and especially shoes. Flats, heels, boots, booties, chucks — they all work well with skinny jeans. Flare leg jeans — not so much. Straight leg jeans, even harder! Here’s a breakdown on which shoes work best with different styles of denim.

Skinny Jeans

As I mentioned, skinny jeans are easy to style with shoes. Ballet flats, booties, sandals, they all work with skinny jeans. A personal favorite : Ballet flats and skinny jeans. It’s my skinny jean uniform. But there are so many options! Knee length boots are another must with skinny jeans. One of the few denim options when wearing long boots. As with all denim, some skinny jeans need tailoring. You can always bunch them up at the ankle, depending on preference.

Straight Leg Jeans

I avoid straight leg jeans, because they are hard to pair! You have to take into account your hemming length. If you alter your jeans, your seamstress will have you try the jeans on with the shoes you’re most likely to wear. So if you wore heels when hemming them, you’ll have to roll or tuck your jeans if wearing with flats, or lower heels. Depending on the shape of the toe, I prefer to stay away from boots and straight legged jeans, as you don’t get to see the boot, and it looks off. Kitten heels are great, or mid length heels work well too, that way you have the option to wear flats as well.

Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans are surprisingly easy to style with shoes. And there is so much opportunity to show off (and experiment with ) your footwear! I prefer to mix casual with dressy, and pair distressed boyfriend jeans with fancy pumps, or statement heels. Second to fancy heels, a pair of oxford flats. Or even better — smoking slippers! Or, a pair of Isabel Marant Booties will make the outfit. But overall, now is the time to roll up your boyfriend jeans, and wear that extravagant pair of heels you’ve been waiting to showcase.

Flare Leg Jeans

Heels, heels heels. Unless you don’t wear heels, and in that case you’ll have your jeans tailored to fit your flats. But flares look best with high heels. They lengthen the leg. A platform sandal is a personal favorite. You have the extra height, plus a cute open toe. Clogs are a cute option as well. Comfy, have height, and always a cute toe.

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