Denim DIY: Sequin Knee Pads

Amazing denim street style looks were in no shortage this spring 2014 season. But this set of sequin knee pads spotted by Tommy Ton for stands out as a favorite. So … we recreated the look!


What You’ll Need

Lenght of Time: 2 Hours

Sequins (any color, I chose an assortment of golds and silvers, varying sizes) but color would be fun too).

Light Jeans.

Measuring Tape.

Tailor’s Chalk.

Fabric or Jewelry Glue. I used Aleene’s.



1. Try on jeans, mark top and bottom of desired area to cover with sequins. Preferably a couple inches above and below the knee on each leg.

2. Remove jeans, with measuring taep, draw a straight line across on top and bottom of each knee. This will give you a roadmap to follow when applying the sequins.


3. Here’s the tedious part! Line by line, apply the glue to denim, then apply sequins. I chose to use glue verses sewing the sequins because it’s easier. Just note that you’ll want to either dry clean or hand wash your jeans moving forward. And may need to patch along the way if you lose a sequin or two.

Secquin-23 Secquin-25

4. Allow a few hours to dry. And that’s it!




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  1. October 21, 2013 / 4:25 pm

    These are so cool! I definitely want to try this – possibly on the back pockets of some shorts too xo

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