8 Ways to Organize Your Jeans


If you have a jean drawer busting at the seams, or a towering mess in your closet that falls on your head whenever you pull a pair out. It’s time to get organized! You know for the fall and winter, you’ll be wearing different jeans than in the summer months, so now is as good a time as any to pack away all those denim shorts.

1. A Rustic Ladder: If you want to make a nice display and have your three or four favorite pairs of jeans on hand at all times, a rustic ladder can make a beautiful decoration in your bedroom.

2. A Row of Pegs: Another decor idea that also works for organization is having a row of pegs to hang your jeans (and bags too!).


3. Rolled in a Rustic Crate: If you’re short on the closet space, rustic crates make beautiful decor both in an out of your closet.


4. Folded and Labeled: Say you have dark indigo jeans in skinny, boot-cut, flare, and boyfriend. Great! But when they’re folded they all look the same. Divide your jeans by style and label the stacks.


5. Pull-Out Trouser Rack:  If you’re going for the real deal when it comes to custom closet organization… don’t forget a pull-out trouser rack module. It’s not a stretch to use them for jeans.


6. Hang them on Hangars: Have room in your closet? Hang them on hangars.


7. Store Them Sideways: Instead of stacking them in the drawers the regular way, stack the jeans sideways so you can see every pair.


8: Hang them with Shower Curtain Hooks: Shower curtain hooks are more then just for the shower! Display them in your closet showroom style and use shower curtain hooks to hang up your jeans.

shower_hangars_jeans_organizationImages via: Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, She Wears, She Shares, A Bowl Full of Lemons, Nubry, The Nest



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