11 Graphic Tees for Pairing With Jeans (and Sweaters)

Graphic t-shirts are one of my favorite wardrobe staples. You can do pretty much anything in them. You can pair them with a blazer for work or a date night, you can tuck them into jeans (or half-tuck if you’re feeling saucy) for the perfect weekend uniform, you can even wear them to the gym. A more flexible garment might not exist.

Once the cold weather strikes, I still keep my short-sleeved tees in constant rotation. They are the perfect layering piece for underneath jackets and sweaters, or over a long-sleeved tee for that ’90s grunge look.

Here are 11 of my favorites at the moment, happy shopping!

Rad t-shirt

Prince Peter Rad tee, $55

blondie t-shirt

Madeworn Rock Blondie tee, $160

Levi's tee

Levi’s Perfect Cooper tee, $15

Hello Kitty tee

Chinti and Parker Hello Kitty baseball tee, $170

Be Yourself t-shirt

Cinq a Sept Tous Les Jours Be Yourself Tee, $85

you'll do heart tee

Zoe Karssen You’ll Do lose-fit t-shirt, $67

meow t-shirt

Wildfox Meow Romeo V-neck tee, $55

Chaser Feelin’ Fine tee, $43

mon cherie t-shirt

Cinq a Sept Tous Les Jours Mon Cherie tee, $85

je m'en fous t-shirt

Zadig & Voltairs Skinny Bis tee, $69

sun kissed t-shirt

Rebecca Minkoff sun-kissed Lombardo tee, $41



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