Your Stand Out Denim Style

I love being able to take our lovely readers images and showcase them on this blog every other week from across the globe. It’s great to see all the different denim styles that every individual brings to the table. Especially since denim is such a personal choice. It fits every body type differently – which, naturally, means it’s able to give an individual their very own unique edge.

Today, we have our favorite Peruvian and Italian, plus two more from the same countries that are new! Cheers to newness!  So, what I’d like to know from your personal opinions is who pulled off the denim style of the week best and why you think so?

El Diario De Pink Chick by Soledad Valenzuela

A first timer on our blog, Soledad is from Lima, Peru (sound familiar?). We liked her red colored denim accompanied by her denim jacket. Denim on denim, when executed properly, always gets a high score in our minds.

Style In Lima

Our faithful denim style Facebook fan awes us again with her denim jacket paired with a dressier ensemble. Sometimes a day calls for a (non denim) skirt so clearly, to fulfill your denim needs, you throw on a denim jacket just like she did.


Another loyal denim style Facebook fan in tres feminine chic form Italia. She never fails to post and never fails to wear denim. Two things we love, besides her floral scarf, leather bag and flats. So equestrian like.

Fashion Crazy Ball

A new addition to our list and also from Italy, comes in the form of belted flowy tops and skinny jeans. I have to say, she looks perfect for a summery season.

Feeling inspired? Let us know your thoughts! You can also join in on the stand out denim style fun – just post a picture of you in denim to our Facebook wall!


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