Wrangler Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary With the Cutest Throwback Collection

Seventy years is a LONG time for any company to be around, especially an American one. Since Wrangler is one of the few companies that can make such a claim, the brand is celebrating its 70th anniversary with a collection of very cute throwback styles for both men and women.

I love the ’70s vibe of this sweatshirt, and so did my new kitten, Tiger. Frida was into it, too, and wanted a little version. (They don’t have exactly that, but they do have some pretty cute kids’ clothes!)

WEARING: Wrangler sweatshirt, Wrangler jeans (also seen here), Bunai clutch (no longer in biz sadly! Also seen here), earrings from Sayulita gifted by my sis-in-law, bracelet from Susquehanna Trading Post (oh my gosh, also closing soon! so sad!), vintage clogs and belt.

Photos by Elena Zhukova


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