Would You Wear: Dressed Up Denim Overalls

It wasn’t so long ago that I braved the scrutiny of strangers on the subway to take some short denim overalls for a test drive for this blog. While comfortable and feeling pretty funky, I also felt like I was revisiting a really awkward time in my life – the mid-1990s. You know, ages 9 to 11 or so? Ugh, rough times.

Anyway, I highly associate denim overalls with that time in my life, which is why I perhaps will never get fully comfortable with bringing them back as a 20-something. Here, Krystal from This Time Tomorrow and a show-goer captured by Stockholm Street Style show how a pair of overalls can be dressed up. Heels? A cool, fitted top? Perhaps a statement coat? I think they both look cool, but I hesitate to try and duplicate such a look.

What do you think? Is the overall comeback still coming on strong?

[Image credits: This Time Tomorrow; Stockholm Street Style]



  1. Denise
    February 28, 2013 / 2:46 pm

    IDK, this has been a fringe look for the past year. However, they stand a chance at greater popularity. Reason: the trend is towards looser, more oversized silhouettes — as witnessed in the AW 2013 collections. But that is logic speaking and logic has very little to do with fashion.

    Personally I wouldn’t wear these until I could figure out a way to make them a little more flattering. I prefer the one on the right because the leg is pegged.

  2. March 1, 2013 / 4:53 am

    Ah, I used to have a pair of dungarees when I was about 15, and I adored them! They were baggy with tonnes of pockets and I wore them with the top bit flapping over…I’m still looking for another pair that isn’t ripped/destroyed…I miss them haha! xx

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