Witness Spring 2018’s Most Excellent Denim Jacket

BlankNYC’s Liquid Summer denim jacket combines two things I’m obsessed with: denim and textile art. It combines beading and embroidery to create a scene featuring a swan at sunset surrounded by flowers and mountains.

It makes my free-spirited heart beat a little faster. And the price is not unreasonable at around $300.

I do have two problems with the jacket: 1. I can’t find information on where it was made and 2. the description calls it “truly one of a kind” which is obviously not true since they appear to have at least one in each size.

Otherwise, it’s the coolest jacket I’ve seen this season and if it wasn’t made using unfair labor or environmentally destructive practices, I want one. I will shoot their PR an email and let you know what I find out.


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