Why You Should Buy Petite Flare or Bell-Bottom Jeans

bell bottoms and flares for petites

You’ve likely noticed—how could you not—that bell bottoms and flared jeans are enjoying quite the revival of late. And even though skinnies are still going strong, wide-legs are having their day in the sun. So I wanted to revisit a topic addressed back in 2011 by our former editor and founder, Jennine Jacob. What she recommended back then still holds true: If you’re 5’4″ or shorter, it’s worth holding out for petite sizes when it comes to bell bottoms and flared jeans.

Why? Because look how wonderful the jeans look when the bell starts to flare out at the knee. If you hem this type of jean, the flare will start somewhere mid-calf, which might be just fine sometimes, but doesn’t give the same lovely silhouette.

Check out some petite flare jeans options here!


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