Weekend Denim Inspiration: Easy Jeans & A Varsity Jacket

This whole varsity jacket trend was one I struggled with for a while – that is until I found the perfect one. I found many of them to be too expensive or too trendy, without that classic appeal that gave these sporty jackets their resurgence in the first place.

While it may seem (and indeed come to be) a passing trend, remember that these were the jackets all our athlete crushes in high school actually wore. They’ve been around forever.

This one suits me quite nicely for one obvious reason: The “T!” I was nervous at first that a piece of outerwear like this, with so much color and character, would be difficult to style. However, I applied the same strategy that I do with colored denim: just go with it! Mix, match, unmatch, contrast, compliment… I think it works better if you don’t try too hard. In this case I went with my easy-as-it-gets J Brand 811 mid-wash jeans and a plaid shirt, with menswear-inspired shoes.

[Photos by Amanda Boyce]



  1. January 11, 2013 / 1:17 pm

    Hmm, my husband’s letter jacket from high school is hanging in our coat closet. Maybe I should bust it out and try the trend!

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