Throwback Thursdays: Deborah Harry in Denim



We’re going to try something “new” this week by digging up the past. Denim has been around for well over a century and a half, and denim fashion icons are abundant. So what more than to celebrate “Throwback Thursdays” than by showcasing denim icons? First up is one of my favorites, since I can remember, I’ve loved Blondie. Deborah Harry is one of those timeless beauties, talented and incredibly chic. She takes fashion risks like wearing pink denim (way back in the 70’s), white jeans, even thigh-high boots with her jeans… all the while looking all the time like she could step out of those photos onto the streets today and still be more fashionable than anyone else. Now, that’s an accomplishment!
deborah_harry_denim17 deborah_harry_denim15 deborah_harry_denim14
deborah_harry_denim12 deborah_harry_denim111 deborah_harry_denim10 deborah_harry_denim9 deborah_harry_denim8 deborah_harry_denim7 deborah_harry_denim6 deborah_harry_denim5 deborah_harry_denim4 deborah_harry_denim3 deborah_harry_denim2 deborah_harry_denim1


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