#Throwback Thursday: The Beatles in Denim






There are few bands that not only have music that speaks to us throughout the ages, but also had members so well dressed, their fashion sense even has a timeless quality. Even the bell bottoms and the patchwork jeans could be seen today without the bat of an eyelash, but mostly The Beatles dressed in a subdued, yet incredibly stylish fashion. Kind of like their music. I kind of got lost in the images of John, Paul, George and Ringo (not so much Ringo…where is he? He’ll have to get his own post.) The Beatles offer such an incredible well of inspiration for either dressing yourself, or someone in your life. Who knew John was so into white denim? Or that he could skateboard?


john_denim6 john_denim5 john_denim4 john_denim3 john_denim2 john_denim1
thebeatles_denim2 thebeatles_denim george_harrison_denim5 george_harrison_denim4 george_harrison_denim3 george_harrison_denim2 george_harrison_denim george_john2 george_john1 george_john


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