Thong Jeans Make Runway Debut at Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

We’ve seen a lot of weirdo jeans this year. There were the ones with the plastic knees. Then there were the garter belt jeans, the plumber butt style, mermaid jeans, and a whole smattering of crazy pants. There were also the ripped-butt jeans—which by the way seem almost normal after what I’m about to tell you.

A brand called Thibaut has introduced thong jeans at Amazon Tokyo Fashion Week. And yes there are exactly what they sound like. They have a waist band, a strip of fabric running along the butt crack line, and not much else. Actually, they are mostly seams. The fabric has largely been removed, or perhaps devoured by a ravenous, denim-eating beast.

The brand, which is designed by a former dancer and targeted towards vintage-loving American women, makes other things, too, which you can check out on its Instagram feed.

Photos via Bazaar via Splash News





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