This New Jeans Brand Thinks One Style Is Enough

Australian stylist and photographer Stevie Dance, a consultant for ultra cool brand Off-White, has launched The Feel Studio Inc., which offers one single style of jeans.

The silhouette is quite reminiscent of my favorite pair of vintage Levi’s, so I get why this would be her single design. And they do come in long and regular versions, and the sizes go up to 31 (check out the fit guide).

But can a brand survive on one style alone? These testimonials are pretty convincing, I must say. Another plus: they are designed, assembled and sustainably washed in California. And they’re made in small batches using ozone technology to minimize water waste. Denim scraps are upcycled into building insulation through the Blue Jeans Go Green initiative.

Time will tell—the faded, high-rise, mom (dad?) jeans look is quite popular at the moment, but that’s why designers typically create an assortment of styles. Customers are fickle, and trends are fleeting. I can’t say I’d complain, though, if this style stayed in our lives for the rest of my days.

Read the New York Times article to learn more!

Top photo via Feel Jeans on Instagram.


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