These Are the Perfect Red Velvet Jeans You Need for the Holiday Season

DL1961 Rachel 35' High Rise Flare Jeans

DL1961 Rachel 35′ high-rise flare jeans, $249

These “jeans” are actually velvet but they’re made my a denim designer and have the look and feel of jeans so we’re calling them jeans. But they’re not your typical jeans, they are shiny and red (-ish, actually more of a wine), they’re high-waisted and extra flared with a cool slit down the front. Pair them with a shiny shirt and you are ready for holiday celebrations!

Or, pair them with a white tee and you’re ready for the office, brunch, or honestly pretty much any event you can think of. Your imagination is the only limitation to how you can wear these beauts!

DL1961 Rachel 35' High Rise Flare Jeans


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