The Man Repeller in Denim Overalls

Do you mind if we talk overalls, again? Don’t mind if we do. The topic this time being Leandra Medine’s first book Man Repeller: Seeking Love, Finding Overalls. We knew the witty lady loves her overalls (or as she puts it, has an “unusual inflation with onesie styled denim”), but didn’t think she’d name her first book after the functional one pieces. I guess I never gave it much thought. But since this is a denim blog, and we love us some Man Repeller, we naturally had to dedicate a post, on a book about overalls. Or, whatever its about, but we’re guessing she mentions overalls.

Behold, a few of our favorite pics of The Man Repeller in denim overalls


P.S. we love this quote Leandra gave to Fashionista about the book “The overalls fit me like a ski suit and it seemed silly not to put that on my book cover,” Medine told us.” A very adorable ski suit we must add.

Raise your hands if you pre-ordered your copy? If I wasn’t typing, mine would be up. 



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