The Throw-On Denim Piece That Will Define Your Style This Spring

Every time I wear one my husband asks if we’re going to work on some cars. But the coverall is one of those pieces you can throw on and look like the coolest woman in the room with very little effort. Add some chic shoes—heels if you can manage, or shiny ones will also do nicely—and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

From the street to the runway, coveralls have been emerging as a trend for at least three years and it seems to currently be at its peak. Madewell is probably the first mainstream brand to take the trend and run with it and has several options in the coverall category (I’m particularly in love with this new style, but they only made 53 and they’re sold out!), and it seems just about every denim brand out there has its own take.

What’s the difference between a jumpsuit and coveralls, you ask? My take is that all coveralls are jumpsuits, but all jumpsuits are not coveralls. All jumpsuits are one-piece garments. Coveralls are loose and have a worker look. Jumpsuits can be tight, loosely tailored, tie at the waist—anythings possible. But coveralls really do make one think of fixing cars or flying planes, and that’s OK.

One caveat: know that going to the bathroom will be somewhat of an ordeal. I was at a winery recently that happened to be extremely crowded and there was only one bathroom with a single toilet. As the place geared up to close for the day (tasting rooms always close so early!), a line began to form and when it was my turn, I felt my situation was taking longer than normal. There was certainly no time for a mirror selfie.

So it’s your decision: is the ease of getting ready plus the je ne sais quoi you’ll get are good enough reasons for a minor struggle in the bathroom. I say yes!


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